Allietare Clue 6 Bonnie K. Hunter Quiltville Mystery 2015

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The big reveal came New Year’s Eve – and boy did Bonnie K. Hunter make a lot of people all of the world VERY HAPPY. Not only did we get to see how all of our pieces were going to fit together, but we got to be VERY happy because the finished quilt is a wonderful design!


To see what the finished quilt looks like, go to Bonnie Hunter’s blog – just click the link below!

Since I am making two, I am not as far along (FINISHED) as some people are (YES SOME PEOPLE ARE FINISHED!!!!!) – but I have all of the blocks kitted and about half of them made – so stay tuned for my big reveal later!

Here is my progress so far!

Allietare STAR BLOCK

Christmas Allietare STAR BLOCK


Christmas Allietare STAR BLOCK

Allietare STAR BLOCK


Christmas Allietare ECHOS OF PISA BLOCK



AND TADA – here are the first four blocks of each of my CHRISTMAS ALLIETARE and my ALLIETARE QUILTS!





To see what all of the fun color combinations of the Allietare Quilts made by people all over the world, click on the link  below!


19 UFO’S from 2015 that SHOULD Get Finished in 2016

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Since it is January 1, 2016, the time is just right for resolutions. I am thinking that I would like to finish some of my UFO’s (UNFINISHED OBJECTS – AKA UNFINISHED QUILTS IN PROGRESS). So to make things easier, I made a list. (OK I did cheat a little bit because I do have a few more that are not on the list because I changed their category from UFO to “ABANDONED FOR NOW.”)  After looking over this list, it is once again apparent to me that I am a true Bonnie Hunter fan.  Almost everything on this list is a Bonnie Hunter design!

So for now, here are the UFO’s that made the list!

1     ALBERTSON PING PONG BALLS – this is actually Bonnie K. Hunter’s Bow Tie Challenge (see if you would like to add this UFO to YOUR LIST!)  I made this with clothing that belonged to my parents – so it is a “MEMORY QUILT” and called ping pong balls because I come from a family of AVID ping pong players – and we often used ping pong balls the same color as the cheddar fabric!  When this is finished, it will belong to my son, Rob Johnson.  I feel pretty sure that this will get finished because it only needs the binding sewn on.

Albertson Ping Pong Balls AKA Bonnie Hunter Bowtie Challenge

Albertson Ping Pong Balls AKA Quiltville’s Bonnie K. Hunter;s Bowtie Challenge


2     SCRAPPY GRANDMOTHER’S FLOWER GARDEN is my hexie project – but even though I like it, it has been on my UFO list for a couple of years.  I am going to make an effort to make progress on it this year!  I already have a stack of these flowers made so I just need to put it all together.

Scrappy Grandmother's Flower Garden

Scrappy Grandmother’s Flower Garden


3     CATHERINE’S BASKETS has been a UFO for awhile now and I really should finish it – all of the blocks are made and it is a mostly red  quilt – which I really love.  It is named Catherine’s Baskets because my friend,  Catherine,  cut out the baskets with her special die!  I think the hang up for me on this one is that I don’t know how to put it together.

Catherine's Baskets

Catherine’s Baskets


4     TALKING TURKEY is a Bonnie K. Hunter design – all read and white – and I love it.  The problem is that I do not like to bind and that is the only thing that I have left to do on it!  SO I AM MAKING THE COMMITMENT – I WILL GET THIS ONE DONE in 2016!  I put a photo of THE BONNIE and me here too –  as inspiration.  (This was taken at her Talking Turkey Workshop in April 2014 in Williamsburg, VA.)

Talking Turkey

Talking Turkey

April 2014 IPHONE 689


5     STRATA STAR – this was started at Quilt Camp more than two years ago – and I just have to figure out how to quilt it.  


Strata Star

Strata Star


6     STRIPPY HIDDEN STARS – another one that only needs binding……….  I made up this pattern.




7     WILD AND GOOSEY – another fun Bonnie Hunter pattern.  It is addictive to work on – I just got involved in too many other projects so it sits alone in a project box for now!





8     DON’T BE GOOSEY – is another WILD AND GOOSEY Bonnie Hunter pattern made using my parents’ clothing.  It is a memory quilt in progress.  My daddy used to say “Don’t be goosey” all of the time – so it seemed like a perfect name for a memory quilt.

Don't Be Goosey

Don’t Be Goosey


9     ALBERTSON TUMBLERS – is another one of Bonnie’s Challenge Quilts (Tumblers to be made as leaders and enders) and I decided to do this challenge and used fabrics from my parents’ clothing. The top is close to being finished.





10     ALBERTSON LOZENGES – is another of Bonnie’s Challenge Quilts that I am making using my parents’ clothing….another memory quilt.  UNFORTUNATELY I HAVEN’T TAKEN A PHOTO OF THIS ONE YET!

11     ALBERTSON LOVE – yes – you guessed it – is another Bonnie Hunter design – basket weave that I made using my parents’ clothing.  It is a memory quilt in progress.




12 and 13     BIG SISTER – LITTLE SISTER FAIR AND SQUARE – are gifts for my new little niece, Elliott (who will be born in March) and her big sister, Camryn.  The back is minkee.  I can’t wait to give this to them!

I doubt if they would be reading my blog – but this is a surprise for both their mother and father – so I won’t post a photo here now.

14 and 15     ALLIETARE and CHRISTMAS ALLIETARE is Bonnie’s Quiltville Mystery 2015 and here are the first four blocks of each of these quilts.

Allietare and Christmas Allietare

Allietare and Christmas Allietare



16  CHRISTMAS BOXY STARS  is a Bonnie Hunter Boxy Stars Design made with my parents’ clothing.  It is a memory quilt for my nephew Andrew Albertson.  The top is finished but I need to make a back and get it quilted!

Albertson  Boxy Stars

Albertson Boxy Stars


17 and 18 ALBERTSON STRING STARS 1 and ALBERTSON STRING STAR 2 – as far as I know, I made up this block – and I am not sure how I will set it together.  These will be two more memory quilts made from my parents’ clothing.




19    CHRISTMAS GRAND ILLUSION is my second Bonnie Huntery Quiltville Mystery 2014 – everything is made, it just needs to be sewn together.

Christmas Grand Illusion

Christmas Grand Illusion


SAO Quilts and other Projects Finished in 2009

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In 2007 I finished 17 quilts.  In 2008 I finished 19 quilts.  In 2009 I must have been completely crazy – it appears I made 34 quilts in 2009.  I find that almost unbelievable – but I was there and I have the photos, so it must be true!!!

Here we go, ta da, the Quilts of 2009

#1       The “LOST ON THE ROAD AGAIN” quilt was another one that was inspired by Bonnie K. Hunter.  It was the first of many future quilts that featured strings…yes strings of fabric!  This one was a gift to my grandangel, William Robert Blaine Johnson and this quilt lived in Lake Forest, California.  That was the last time that I saw the quilt – maybe it got lost on the road between California and Texas.  Pictured below is William with his quilt.

Lost on the Road Again William's LOST ON THE ROAD AGAIN QUILT

#2     The “THIMBLEBERRIES LAKESIDE QUILT 2008″ was one that made while a member of the Thimbleberries Club at Quilter’s Corner in Midlothian, Virginia.  Even though I started it in 2008, it was finished in 2009.  As a member of the club, we completed one portion of the quilt each month.   I gave this to my cousin, Janie Lynn gray to commemorate her 40th wedding anniversary.  She is pictured below with me holding the quilt.  This quilt is 102″ x 102″ and it was difficult to get a good photo of it!

Thimbleberries Lakeside 2008 Quilt

janie and sao with Thimbleberry quilt Thimbleberries Lakeside 2008

#3     The”EGG MONEY” quilt was designed by Eleanor Burns.  (I included a photo of her with her book!)  I like this quilt and it is still in my possession, just waiting for a forever home!  This was my first quilt made with 1930’s fabrics.

Egg Money Quilt IMG_0031 Top of EGG MONEY QUILT Dec 08

#4      My “OLD VIRGINIA ROAD II QUILT” represents my third year of making Bonnie K. Hunter’s Quiltville Winter Mystery Quilts.  Bonnie named her quilt OLD TOBACCO ROAD and I named mine OLD VIRGINIA ROAD.  This is the SECOND one that I made from this mystery pattern.   This one was started in 2008 and was gifted to my nephew, Eric Albertson. for his high school graduation gift.  The quilt resides in Kansas City, Missouri.


Old VA Road II Old Va Road II

#5     The “NEW YEAR’S EVE 2008 MYSTERY QUILT” was designed by Ann Smith.  It was gifted to Karen Murray, a fellow quilter, after she had brain surgery.  Catherine Etter provided the heart embellishments – so it was a team effort.  This quilt lives in Powhatan, Virginia.


sao and Catherine with NYE Mystery 2008

#6     The “RAG QUILT” was a lot of fun to make and I quilted it as I made the squares.  So it is the first quilt that I made all on my own.  It is made with all flannel fabric and is quite comfy and warm.  My Grandangel Cooper fell in love with it – and threw himself upon it and declared it was his!  I believe his exact 5-year-old words were, “I LOVE IT, I am going to marry it.” It lives in Midlothian, Virginia!  His sister, Grandangel Sarah, has now claimed it as HERS!

Rag Quilt IMG_9104 IMG_9105

#7     The “MEMORIES IN MY CABIN” log cabin quilt was made with blocks that were a part of an online swap.  I donated it for cancer patients to use through my Colonial Piecemaker’s Quilt Guild in Williamsburg, Virginia.  I included a photo of my “scrappy back.”

June 29 2008 012 IMG_9040

#8       The “MODA PIECE AND PLENTY QUILT” was a mystery quilt started in 2008.  I was a member of a Moda Club at Quilter’s Corner.  Each month we made a different part of the quilt.   I learned a lot of techniques while working on this quilt.   I still have this quilt and it is waiting for its forever home.


#9     The “MAVERICK ANT STARS QUILT” was fun to make.    It is a Bonnie K. Hunter design. I still have this quilt waiting for its forever home.  I included a photo of the back of the quilt as well.  

Maverick Ant Stars March 2009

Maverick Ant Stars Back

#10     The “SPLIT CHICKLET 9-PATCH” quilt is one of my favorites!  I gave it to my nephew, Andrew Albertson and he lives in Kansas.


#11     “QUILTERS CORNERS” is a block of the month (BOM) quilt designed by Susan Emory when she owned Quilter’s Corner Quilt Shop.  It was a graduation present for my grandangel Chasen Stark (pictured below with me.)  This quilt made its home in California.


Quilters Corners BOM

#12     The “OLD VIRGINIA ROAD” quilt is my Quiltville 2008 Winter Mystery designed by Bonnie K. Hunter (hers was called OLD TOBACCO ROAD and I made two.)  This one has a bazillion flying geese around the border and I still have this one (waiting for its forever home.)  I love this quilt!  I do not THINK that I will ever make another quilt with flying geese borders, but WHO KNOWS.  I really like it!


#13     The “MOSAIC TILES” is a Christmas Mystery Quilt designed by Dorothy Young.  My Grandangel, Sarah Epps, claimed this one as hers.  She is a big fan of my quilts.  It is too bad that Sarah’s face was cut off when I downloaded this photo!

Mosaic Tiles Jan  2011 CPQG and Sallie 50 005

#14     The “FABRICOHOLICS ANONYMOUS”  Mystery Quilt is exactly the same as Bonnie K. Hunter’s STAR STRUCK.  This is a small 45 x 45 quilt that I donated to babies in the ICU.  I named it STAR STRUCK.

Scrappy Mystery 2009 (same as Bonnie Hunter's Star Struck)

Scrappy Mystery 2009 (same as Bonnie Hunter’s Star Struck)

#15      The”STRIP TWIST” quilt was a Bonnie Hunter Super Bowl 2009 challenge (and the strip twist is one of Bonnie Hunter’s designs.)  I love this little quilt.  My grandangel, Cooper, had it on his bed for awhile, but now I have it as an extra throw on my bed.  It has been washed millions of times (since my cats seem like LOVE to shed on this!)

Strip Twist - Bonnie Hunter Design

Strip Twist – Bonnie Hunter Design

IMG_1894 IMG_2030 IMG_4800

#16     The “BASKETS FULL OF GRANDANGELS” quilt was a Country Piecemaker’s Quilt Guild “If I were a Flower” challenge!  Each of the baskets hold flowers representing each of my grandangels.  I have this hanging on my wall!  The grandangels are from top left to top right…..Harry, Shirley Anne, William, Vincent, and James Johnson … Cooper, Leanna, and Sarah Epps.  Then bottom left to bottom right……Blake, Brittany, and Brent Owens….Brennan, Lacy, Chase,  Caden,  Jannae, and Collin.

If I were A Flower Country Peicemaker's Quilt Guild Challenge 2009

If I were A Flower Country Peicemaker’s Quilt Guild Challenge 2009


#17  This “SNUGGLY KITTIES” baby quilt is one that I donated to babies born into the ICU.

Snuggly Kitties 2009

Snuggly Kitties 2009


Snuggly Kitties - ICU

Snuggly Kitties – ICU


#18   This “SISTER FAIRIES”   quilt belongs to Grandangel Sarah Epps – I love the fact that these fairies are sisters!  The quilt resides with Sarah in Midlothian, Virginia.

Sarah's Sister Fairies 2009

Sarah’s Sister Fairies 2009

Sister Fairies 2009

Sister Fairies 2009

#19       The “STAR FAIRIES” quilt belongs to Grandangel Shirley Anne Johnson (and currently resides in Frisco, Texas) – there is actually a SHIRLEY FAIRY in this quilt.

Fairy Stars 2009

Star Fairies 2009


Fairy Stars 2009

Star Fairies 2009

Summer Johnsons Starks 2011 496


#20   “JOEY’S FOREVER PLAID”quilt is one that I gave Joey Albertson for his high school graduation.  It has some of his plaid undershorts in it that I pulled out of his mom’s donation bag!  This quilt now lives in Kansas City, Missouri.

Label for Joey's Forever Plaid Quilt

Label for Joey’s Forever Plaid Quilt



#21  “FRIENDSHIP TIED UP WITH BOWTIES” is a quilt that I gifted to my friend Catherine Etter.   It lives with her in Richmond/Powhatan,  Virginia

Friendship Tied Up with Bowties 2009

Friendship Tied Up with Bowties 2009

IMG_1115 IMG_1120

#22     The “MILKY WAY” Cutting Bee (Augusta Cole) Quilt was gifted to my husband, Max Owens and it lives in Midlothian, VA.

Milky Way - Augusta Cole's Cutting Bee - 2009

Milky Way – Augusta Cole’s Cutting Bee – 2009

IMG_2780 IMG_5873

#23      The “PEPTO CHATTANOOGA CHOO CHOO” quilt was made from a Cutting Bee, Augusta Cole pattern and was gifted to Leigh Owens for a wedding gift.  This quilt resides in Texas!

Label for Pepto Chattanooga Choo Choo

Label for Pepto Chattanooga Choo Choo

Pepto Chattanooga Choo Choo June 2009 for Leigh Owens' wedding

Pepto Chattanooga Choo Choo June 2009 for Leigh Owens’ wedding


#24  “PINKIE BEARS” is a quilt that I donated to babies born into the ICU

Pinkie Bears

Pinkie Bears


#25     “GIRAFFE AND FRIENDS” is a quilt that I donated to babies born into the ICU.

Giraffe and Friends 2009  ICU Donation

Giraffe and Friends 2009 ICU Donation


#26       The “SCRAPPY NINE PATCH QUILT” was a quilt that I actually quilted myself and donated to the ICU babies.

Scrappy Nine-Patch ICU Donation

Scrappy Nine-Patch ICU Donation


#27     The “BLUE BOY BEARS” was another quilted donated to the ICU babies.

Blue Boy Bears ICU Donation

Blue Boy Bears ICU Donation


#28     The  “BROWN BAG BLOCK PARTY” quilt was a Country Piecemaker’s Quilt Guild group project with blocks made by Barbara, Sandie, Heidi, Linda and Donna – as well as me!  It was a retirement present for my brother, Dan Albertson, and this quilt lives in Austin Texas now.

Brown Bag Block Party Quilt

Brown Bag Block Party Quilt

KC July, 2011 023

#29     This ” DOUBLE DELIGHT” is a Bonnie K. Hunter NYE QUILTVILLE MYSTERY.  It is one that I kept – I love the 1 1/2″ pieces!  I have it hanging on my living room wall.

Double Delight - Bonnie K. Hunter NYE Quiltville Mystery

Double Delight – Bonnie K. Hunter NYE Quiltville Mystery

Double Delight

Double Delight


30#     This “FABRIC INTO WORDS” quilt was a CPQG Williamsburg Challenge!  I have this wall hanging!




CPQG Fabric into Words Challenge

CPQG Fabric into Words Challenge


#31      The “CELTIC KNOTWORK” quilt was a Sew Along Mystery hosted by Lynne Crowley.  It was gifted to my parents J.B. and Marjorie Albertson; but after their death, my brother, Dan Albertson, claimed it.

Celtic Knotwork - Lynne Crowley Sew Along Mystery

Celtic Knotwork – Lynne Crowley Sew Along Mystery


#32     The “SINGING IN THE RAIN” quilt is  a Hospitality Guild Challenge to design a quilt to reflect a song – and this is one of my favorite songs!  I have this quilt!

Singing in the Rain

Singing in the Rain


#33     The  “CHRISTMAS LIGHTS” is another of my Bonnie K. Hunter’s Mystery Quilts.  I am such a fan.  I have this quilt waiting for a forever home.

Christmas Lights - Bonnie K Hunter design

Christmas Lights – Bonnie K Hunter design


#34     The “THIMBLEBERRIES 3’s COMPANY” quilt was made with other quilters at Quilter’s Corners in the Thimbleberries Club.  It was gifted to my parents, J. B. and Marjorie Albertson but after their death, I brought it back home.

Thimbleberries 3"s Company

Thimbleberries 3″s Company


SAO Quilts and other Projects Finished in 2008

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After finishing 17 quilts and multiple other projects in 2007, I didn’t slow down in 2008 – I actually made 19 quilts plus a few other projects!

Here are the 19 quilts that I finished in 2008.

#1      The “WILD IRISH ROSE QUILT” was made for my parents, J.B. and Marjorie Albertson. It is, by far, the largest quilt that I will EVER MAKE – and I can safely say that!  It is double sided and I calculated that it cost me $950.00 to make.  As it turned out it was TOO HEAVY for my parents to manage and so it went to live, for awhile, with my brother Fred in Kansas City, Missouri.  Now I have it in Midlothian, Virginia.  It is ONE OF THOSE THINGS that I can’t give away – because NO ONE WANTS IT.  I am not a big fan of the colors myself.  Maybe the blue and peach combo will come back in style someday and someone will want it.

sao January, 2008 Kansas  City Trip 003 sao January, 2008 Kansas  City Trip 011

#2     “AMANDA’S PURPLE BRAID QUILT”  was made for my neice, Amanda Lynn Albertson Cook.  She loves purple!  This quilt was inspired by a pattern shared by Bonnie K. Hunter on her website at  Amanda has the quilt in Olathe, Kansas.

Amanda's Purple Braid Quilt P1040244

#3     “THE THIMBLEBERRIES LODGE QUILT” was made while I was in the Thimbleberries Club at Quilter’s Corner.  It lives with me in Midlothian, Virginia.  This one has a throw pillow to match!

Thimbleberries Lodge

Thimbleberries Lodge Quilt

#4     “CAROLINA CROSSROADS QUILTVILLE 2007 WINTER MYSTERY QUILT” is my first mystery quilt designed by Bonnie K. Hunter that I did and I believe that it was her first mystery quilt as well.  I gave this quilt to my husband Max M. Owens and it lives in Midlothian, Virginia.  I think it might be my favorite of all the Bonnie Hunter quilts that I have made….I say I think because it is so hard to choose!  I love the small 1 1/2″ squares!  Pictured on the quilt is Cuddles the cat.

sao Jan28 08 Carolina Crossroads Mystery Quilt Top Finished 023 sao Jan28 08 Carolina Crossroads Mystery Quilt Top Finished 002 Carolina Crossroads

#5      “THE SCRAPPY BARGELLO QUILT” is another one that I found as a free pattern on Bonnie K. Hunter’s website at   She offered it as a special SUPER BOWL project! I still have it in Midlothian, Virginia.  It has never been used and I am saving it for a special gift.

21a6Bonnie's Superbowl Bargello Quilt 08 LOGO Scrappy Bargello Superbowl 2008 sao 2008 March 19 016

#6     “THE VIRGINIA SNOWBALL QUILT” is king sized and I made it for my daughter, Christi Johnson Epps.  It is on her bed today (Midlothian, Virginia) and while I like it, I have to say it must have been the most BORING quilt that I have ever made……all of the blocks are the same and the pieces are large!  :)

Virginia Snowball sao 2008  March 29 Virginia Snowball 003

#7     THE BIRTH OF A SAMPLER” is the result of a nine-month class that I took at Quilter’s Corner taught by Sherry Whitford.  I learned a lot of different quilting techniques while making this quilt….and while I enjoyed making this quilt, it will forever be a ONE-OF-A-KIND quilt made by me.  This is a king-sized quilt and lives in Newport Beach, California with my daughter, Jan Stark (pictured below with my Grandangel, Jannae.)

2008 May 31 035  BIRTH OF A SAMPLER TOP  7 7 08 006 Canon BIRTH OF A SAMPLER TOP  7 7 08 010

sao STARKS CA August 2008 094 (2)

8#     The “ALL THE RAGE QUILT” was a block of the month project at Quilter’s Corner and I gave this to my Grandangel Harry Johnson II who lived in Lake Forest and Eastvale, California but the quilt now lives with him in Frisco, Texas!  Pictured with his quilt is Grandangel Harry!

ALL THE RAGE sao 2008 March 041Harry 14

#9     “SHIRLEY ANNE’S COTTON CANDY QUILT” is still in my possession, just waiting for a home!  The back is made from 12 1/2″ squares.  I thought that I designed this quilt (that is why I named it Shirley Anne’s Cotton Candy) but I have since seen that other people have done the same thing.  I just combined nine-patches and snowball blocks!

Shirley Anne's Cotton Candy IMG_6030 IMG_6031

#10  The “BEACH RETREAT QUILT” was designed by Susan Emory when she owned Quilter’s Corner.  She designed  it using yellow and blue fabric to represent the colors of the beach house in Corolla where we have QUILT CAMP every year.   I made it as a sample of the Quilt Shop and got to make one for myself as payment.   This is MY quilt and it lives in Midlothian, Virginia!  Pictured below is the house that inspired the Quilt – The Tern of the Century in Corolla, North Carolina.

 Beach Retreat Quilt

 Tern of the Century

#11     The “HAWAIIAN OHANA LOG CABIN” was made for my brother, Dan Albertson.  He loves Hawaii and picked the colors for this quilt.  The quilt lives in Austin, Texas – but I wonder if it will retire someday in Hawaii.  “OHANA means family.”

sao 2008  April 16 Nanna is 12 039


#12     The “FIRST LADY QUILT” was another designed by Susan Emory when she owned Quilter’s Corner.  I made a quilt as a store sample and received the fabric to make this black and white one for myself as payment.  I have this quilt in Midlothian, Virginia.

First Lady Black and White

  #13     “FIRST LADY CIVIL WAR QUILT” is a sample that I made for Quilter’s Corner.  It was never mine to keep but I enjoyed making it with Civil War fabrics.  It is shown below hanging in the shop next to a red and white one.  The quilt came in black and white, Civil War fabrics, as well as in red and white, and blue and white. 

CIVIL WAR FIRST LAD P1020521 Red and White and Civil War First Lady

#14  The “SWEETHEART QUILT” is another one designed by Susan Emory.  I was a pattern tester for this one and it hung as a sample in the shop at Quilter’s Corner.

2008 Sweetheart Quilt Lil's Canon BIRTH OF A SAMPLER Class  7 8 08 006

#15  The “ORANGE CRUSH 2008 WINTER QUILTVILLE MYSTERY” was my second Bonnie K. Hunter mystery quilt.  This year I decided that I loved Bonnie Hunter’s designs so much that I would make TWO – so that I could keep one and give one away.  The back is made with 12 1/2″ squares!  My Orange Crush went to my Grandangel James Johnson and it lived in Lake Forest, California.  I think this one may have been lost during a few moves because I haven’t seen it for awhile.  I was literally “crushed” because last year when I asked James if he had seen his quilt lately he said he didn’t even know that he had one.  LOL

Orange Crush Mystery 7 17 08 DEAR JANE AND OC 015 saoocgraphicWilliam and his Orange Crush

#16  The “PINEAPPLE CRUSH QUILT” was my second  Orange Crush Quiltville Winter Mystery of 2009 hosted by Bonnie K. Hunter.  I made it at the same time that I made the Orange Crush.  I made TWO mysteries thinking that I would give one away and keep one.   Grandangel James got the Orange Crush and my nephew Dustin Albertson got the Pineapple Crush. The back is made from 12 1/2″ squares.  Dustin is in the Coast Guard (pictured below with his quilt) so The Pinepple Crush Quilt has probably lived in Texas, Florida and now Charleston, South Carolina.

Pineapple Crush IMG_1033 Dustin with QUilt Dec 08 sao with Back of Dustin's Quilt

#17      “FRED’S BOXY STARS QUILT” is a Bonnie K. Hunter pattern and this one was made for my brother, Fred Albertson and it lives in Kansas City, Missouri.  The back is made from my brother’s T-Shirts.  He only wore white or grey ones so the color scheme is NEUTRAl!  Pictured with me below is Fred and my sister-in-law Elaine with their little dog, Abby.

Fred's Box Stars Quilt Elaine, Fred and SAO with Fred's Boxy Stars Quilt Fred and his quilt (wearing one of his POCKET Ts) Fred's Boxy Stars Quilt Top Finished 10 25 08

#18     The “LUCKY STARS DETOUR QUILT”  is an adaptation of the pattern of Lucky Stars.  It started as a group project with some fellow quilters (I can’t remember everyone  who was involved but I do remember that Marla Hill and Ginger Whiting participated) at Quilter’s Corner but there was some error so I ended up modifying and finishing it.  I appliqued “I LOVE THE USA” across the top.  The quilt became a DONATION FOR THE United States Troops.  I wonder who has it now!

Lucky Starts Detour Quilt at funny angle I LOVE THE USA SAO HOLDING LUCKY STARS DETOUR

#19     The “40 OT QUILT” was another one designed by Susan Emory using MODA FOR A CAUSE fabric.  I made this as a Quilter’s Corner Quilt Shop sample.

40 OT

40 OT


I made this tote bag with prairie points!

sao Jan  5 08 SAO TOTE BAG Black and White 2008 004

I made back buddies for my mother (orange) daddy (red, blue and yellow) and Max (blue with a cutout heart of red.)
Back Buddy for MRA
7 16 08 Quilty Swim and Lake 008

Back Buddy for JBA2008 May 21 0032008 May 21 004Max BACK BUDDY

The Sunbonnet Sue Block was for The Country Piecemaker’s Quilt Guild when I was a new member.  My grandmother made the block and I added the text to describe myself.  It became part of a guild quilt representing all of the members.

Sunbonnet Sue Block for Country Piecemakers

I also made a pet pillow from a towel and stuffed it with quilting scraps.  

Oreo, the cat is enjoying it even before it was stuffed.June11 009June11 011June11 019

Finally I used a Q crochet hook to crochet a little mat using quilt scraps.

June11 014

SAO Quilts and Other Projects Finished in 2007

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I started quilting in March, 2007  after I took a class at Quilter’s Corner (then owned by Susan Emory) from  Christine Van Buskirk.  I was immediately HIT with the quilting bug and thereafter, it became a daily activity.  It not only helped me to meet people (I had relocated to Virginia from California) but it gave me a USEFUL activity to do when I couldn’t sleep (which was a regular occurrence!)   Besides being therapeutic,  it was also so much fun.   My grandmothers were quilters and I had hand pieced a quilt when I was five – and before I started school  (under my Grandma Albertson’s watchful eye) so this was like a RE-AWAKENING of a family tradition!

I thought that it would be fun (FOR ME) to record photos of the quilts that I have made; so 2007 is the year that I will start with the photos of  my finished quilts!  All of my quilts were made in Midlothian, Virginia but many of my quilts now live in other states and countries!


QUILTS AND PROJECTS MADE BY Shirley Albertson Owens in 2007

#1     The “CALIFORNIA BARN RAISING LOG CABIN QUILT” is one that I made in Chris Van Buskirk’s class.   Before I became a quilter, I had visual-spatial skills that were quite pathetic.  I had to have help from my entire family to get the log cabin squares placed into the Barn Raising Pattern!   I gifted this quilt  to my son, Rob, and daughter-in-law, Lillian  Johnson. This quilt has lived in Lake Forest, California, Eastvale, California, and Frisco, Texas!  

California Barn Raising Quilt


#2     “TARA LYNN’S SNOWBALL QUILT” was a baby quilt  made for my grandniece, Tara Lynn Cook.   This was  the SECOND quilt that I started but the FIRST that I finished!  I didn’t even know how to do the binding so I just made it up!  “TARA LYNN’S SNOWBALL QUILT”  lives in Kansas!

2007_0502VASpring2May0007 Cook 119.jpg Tara Lynn on her quilt May 2007

#3      “CHRISTI’S LUCKY STAR QUILT” was made for my daughter, Jennifer Christine Johnsons Epps (AKA Christi!)  “CHRISTI’S LUCKY STAR QUILT” lives in Midlothian, Virginia.

Christi's Lucky Star Quilt sao 2007 Christi's LUCKY STARS QUILT

#4      “NANNA’S  CIVIL WAR MYSTERY  QUILT” was made at Quilter’s Corner as a “MIDNIGHT MADNESS mystery quilt.”  I gave this one to my Grandangel Leanna.  Her quilt lives in Midlothian, Virginia.


#5     “GG’s KRAZY MOTHER’S DAY KWILT”  was made for my mother, Marjorie Ruth Lyle, for Mother’s Day.  (Her favorite color was orange!)  This quilt lived in Kansas City, Missouri until my mother’s death and then it came back home to live with me in Midlothian, Virginia.  Pictured with this quilt is my mother;  and my father has his “Father’s Day Crow Fence Quilt” on his lap.

GG's KRAZY MOTHER'S DAY KWILT sao 2007 Krazy Quilt and Crow's Fence Quilt

#6     “SARAH’S FLYING GEESE QUILT” was made for my grandangel Sarah Epps when she was 5 years old.  She selected the pattern and the colors of the fabric.  I made a matching pillow case!

Sarah's Flying Geese Quilt Sarah with her Flying Geese Quilt December 2007  sao Quilting 026

#7     “SIMPLY SPOOKY Quilt” was made from a Lincoln Logs Pattern.  As of July, 2015 the quilt lives with me in Midlothian, Virginia.  It has become a family Halloween decoration!

Simply Spooky Quilt

#8     “AUNT AND UNCLE KITTY’S LOG CABIN QUILT” was made for my brother Jim and sister-in-law Kerry Albertson and this is KING SIZED 127 x 127.  It started as a small Quilter’s Corner MIDNIGHT MADNESS Mystery Quilt!  This quilt has lived in Panama City, Florida and both in Overland Park and Olathe, Kansas.

Aunt and Uncle Kitty's Log Cabin Quilt

Jim and Kerry

#9     “VINCENT’S DINOSAUR QUILT” was made for my grandangel, Vincent Johnson, who has been and probably still is one of the biggest dinosaur fans ever!  This is an adaptation of Karen Dumont’s  “Dinosaur Dynasty” quilt pattern (found at  VINCENT’S DINOSAUR QUILT has lived in Lake Forest and Eastvale, California and Frisco, Texas and has been used as both a quilt and bedroom curtains.  It may be one of the most loved and used quilts that I have ever made.

Vincent's Dinosaurs vincent-on-dinosaur-dynasty-337x450 Feb 2009

#10      The  “BUGGY BARN BLOCK EXCHANGE QUILT” was made with quilting friends from Quilter’s Corner in Midlothian, Virgina.  It was donated (along with two pillowcases) to  the people of Japan for Tsunami Relief.  Pictured are the nine of us who each made one block in the quilt.

DSCF4752 DSCF4754 DSCF4755 DSCF4757 DSCF4760 DSCF4762 DSCF4763 DSCF4764 DSCF4765 0701130229 0710210004

#11     “NANNA’S SEA CRITTERS QUILT” was made at the request of Grandangel Leanna Epps.  It is made from my friend, Karen Dumont’s pattern “Sea Friends” found at  This quilt (with the matching pillow case) lives in Midlothian, Virginia and belongs to Leanna Epps.

2007_0722ChurchCarnival0025 Nanna's Sea Critters Quilt

#12     “NANNA’S ANT PICNIC QUILT” was inspired by my Grandangel Leanna Epps’ 5th grade book report project.  They had to create an INVITATION based on the book.  I took Leanna’s drawings and made a quilt with enlarged reproductions of those images.  This quilt also lives in Midlothian, Virginia and it belongs to ME.  I hang it on the wall almost every summer.

2007_07044thofJULY0001 2007_07044thofJULY0002 2007_07044thofJULY0003 2007_07044thofJULY0004 2007_07044thofJULY0006 2007_07044thofJULY0007 2007_07044thofJULY0012 2007_07044thofJULY0013 2007_07044thofJULY0014 2007_07044thofJULY0015 Nanna's Ant Picnic Blocks

Nanna's Ant Picnic Quilt

#13     “COOPER’S CARS QUILT” was made for Grandangel Cooper Epps.  I drew the cars for this design and I included a photo of me sewing the binding on, with the help of Midnight, the cat.  I liked the fabric that I used for the back, so I included a photo of that, along with a photo of the matching pillowcase that I made.   Midlothian, Virginia is the home for this quilt.

Cooper's Cars Quilt 2007_07044thofJULY0072 2007_07070707070002 2007_07070707070027 DSCF4240

#14     “SARAH’S CATS QUILT” was made from a replication of an art project that Sarah did in Kindergarten and from drawings of cats that she put on the back of her napkin during Easter dinner at a restaurant one year!  Sarah picked out all of the fabric used in this quilt all by herself.  It may be one of my favorite quilts of all time – it and the matching pillow case belong to Grandangel Sarah Epps in Midlothian, Virginia.

Sarah's Cats Quilt 2007_07070707070017 2007_07070707070038 DSCF4237

#15      The “JBA’s FATHER’S DAY CROW FENCE QUILT”  was a Midnight Madness Rail Fence Mystery Quilt at Quilter’s Corners and I made it for my daddy – J. B. Albertson.  The quilt lived in Kansas City, Missouri until his death, and now it is back in Midlothian, Virginia with me.


#16     “LACY’s 18th BIRTHDAY PHOTO QUILT” was a labor of love.  Her brother, Chase, and mom, Jan, were instrumental in selecting the photos for this surprise birthday quilt for Grandangel Lacy.  The quilt is with Grandangel Lacy Stark in the San Francisco, California area.

Lacy's 18th Birthday Photo Quilt 0701140019 0701140020 0701140021 0701140023 0701140024 0701210049 Copy of 0701140014 Copy of 0701140015 Copy of 0701140016

sao STARKS CA August 2008 184 (2)

#17     “PEPPER’S QUILT” was my first quilt made for a nonhuman.  Pepper was my Lhasa Apso dog.  It was Pepper’s Christmas present and he seemed to know that it was his quilt!  I quilted it myself.

Pepper's Quilt December 2007  sao Quilting 019



I finished 17 quilts in 2007 and also a few other small projects.  I decided that it would be fun to include photos of the non quilt projects.  Some of the pillowcases that I made are already pictured with their matching quilts – but in addition I made the following “treasures.”

The pillows and pillowcases were for Grandangel Lacy’s dorm room for her freshman year at Berkeley.

Lacy's college room decorCopy of 0701160001

I made this quilted tote bag for myself.  I remember having a difficult time cutting the fabric once I had pieced into what looked large enough for a small quilt!  :)

SAO's Tote Bag

I made another quilted tote bag for my daughter, Christi Johnson Epps, for Mother’s Day.

Christi's Quilted Tote Bag

And finally here are a few more things that I made in 2007.  Potholders quilted with ant fabric and denim……my first purse with a zipper, and finally a pillowcase for my husband, Max Owens.

December 2007  sao Quilting 024 MAX's pillowcase

Max's Pillowcase

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