Grandma’s Night Out Features the Hannah Montana Movie

| April 25, 2009

It is a tradition to have a birthday outing with Grandma Shirley and this year, Leanna (who just turned 13) chose going to see the Hannah Montana Movie.  So Friday night, we set out to have fun.  I really liked the movie and I recommend it ; however, if you go to see it, be sure that you […]

NO SLUMBER at the Slumber Party 4 18 09

| April 19, 2009

  When thirteen year-old girls laugh – it is  loud.  They find reasons to scream (SHRILLY) and giggle a lot  ….  and they live large – especially at a slumber party.    Did you ever wonder why they call these gatherings a slumber party?  When you get a gaggle of girls together there is going to be ANYTHING BUT SLUMBER.  Sleepover […]

Nanna Turns 13 April 16, 2009 and My Parents Celebrate 66 years on April 17

| April 16, 2009

We have a teenager in the house now…..Nanna (AKA Leanna) turned 13 today!  She surely was HAPPY to be teasing us about the fact that she was going to turn into a teenager!!!!       It seems like only YESTERDAY that I was singing her to sleep! She started the day with a 13 candle breakfast – […]