SAO Quilts and other Projects Finished in 2009

| December 31, 2015

In 2007 I finished 17 quilts.  In 2008 I finished 19 quilts.  In 2009 I must have been completely crazy – it appears I made 34 quilts in 2009.  I find that almost unbelievable – but I was there and I have the photos, so it must be true!!! Here we go, ta da, the […]

Quilts Found New Homes

| August 10, 2009

Grandangel Chase graduated from High School this spring – and TA DA – I gave him a quilt for graduation – QUILTERS CORNERS!  I think he liked it!  I got a hug anyway!  🙂   And my cousin, Janie, was happy to get her quilt  – Thimbleberries Lakeside 2008.  I am soooo glad that it […]

Thimbleberries 2008 and Fred’s Boxy Stars Quilts

| November 24, 2008

Hip Hip Hooray – the Thimbleberries 2008 Quilt is put together and is now on Sara’s 2009  QUILTING TO DO LIST! Here it is!    As always, I didn’t do it EXACTLY like THE PLAN – I left out the two extra inner borders on the top and bottom of the quilt – but it is […]

Thimbleberries and Cats

| November 20, 2008

I am making progress – my 2008 Thimbleberries Lakeside Quilt is getting put together piece by piece……and the cats are really enjoying the process!  Here is my Thimbleberries SHOW – maybe I will finish it this weekend.   Isn’t it incredible about the LOVE AFFAIR that cats have with quilts.  The MINUTE I put one on […]

Quilter’s Corner – Thimbleberries Club – November Meeting, 2008

| November 2, 2008

Today we had our last meeting for our 2008 Thimbleberries Club at QUILTER’S CORNER and we got the instructions to put our quilt together.  Now it is PUZZLE TIME…..we put all of our monthly assignments together and – voila – there is a beautiful quilt!!!!  I just can’t wait to see it. Mary did finish her […]