SAO Quilts and other Projects Finished in 2010

| June 19, 2016

In 2007 I finished 17 quilts. In 2008 I finished 19 quilts. In 2009 I must have been completely crazy – it appears I made 34 quilts in 2009. So, did I slow down in 2010 – well, maybe a little bit – I made 27! Here we go with the photos! #1      […]


| November 27, 2010

Five of us – Catherine, Catherine, Vonnie, Joanne and sao had some good quiet (sometimes) relaxing fun doing our creative projects and laughing all the way!  Vonnie was working on a fabulous baby afghan – I just have to get this pattern! Catherine SB made great progress on her four patches for a later project […]

What is Happening in SAO’s WORLD?

| May 23, 2010

ATC – CELEBRATES BASKETS My ATCs  for this month went to the meeting WITHOUT ME – thanks Catherine.  The theme was BASKETS and since I love MAY DAY I made May Day Baskets.  I love May Day so much that I had a baby on that day – son Rob!!  🙂   Scrappy Chiclet and […]

sao’s Quilty News

| May 10, 2010

  Goodness – I haven’t posted pictures of my current projects for awhile – but I have been asked to update…….so here goes.   Inspired by the movement to GO GREEN and save on plastic and paper shopping bags (AND ENCOURAGED BY MY DD CHRISTI), I made FOUR shopping bags…….ta da I am going to […]

The Flu + Zangies = ONE Zangy Chiclet Block

| March 19, 2008

 This was a GOOD NEWS – BAD NEWS DAY.  The BAD news is that I have the flu.  The GOOD  news is that I do not like to stay in bed when I am sick.  I like to distract myself and try to PRETEND that I feel great (and sometimes this even works.)   I can […]