Clue 4 On Ringo Lake and Christmas on Ringo Lake

Posted By on December 18, 2017

Clue 4 of Bonnie K Hunter’s Quiltville Mystery On Ringo Lake and my second one that I am calling Christmas on Ringo Lake has been completed.

This week’s clue was fun and relatively easy –  and it’s only Monday and I am finished with Clue 4 for both of my Quiltville Mystery Quilts.  I used Bonnie’s new ruler, Essential Triangle Tool for this one and my “wings” came out perfect!

Here are photos of my progress:

Clue 4 On Ringo Lake in process


And here is Clue 4 of On Ringo Lake Quilt finished!

Clue 4 On Ringo Lake


Christmas On Ringo Lake uses green instead of the aqua/teal color.

Clue 4 Christmas On Ringo Lake Quilt in process


And here is my Christmas On Ringo Lake Clue 4 finished.  As you can see I used all shades of green here – this quilt is going to be scrappy happy.


Clue 4 Christmas On Ringo Lake

Clues 1, 2,, 3, and 4 packaged and ready for Clue 5


To see what quilters all over the country are doing with Clue 4 go to Bonnie K. Hunter’s blog to see the link up!


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2 Responses to “Clue 4 On Ringo Lake and Christmas on Ringo Lake”

  1. Monica says:

    Both versions look awesome. If you don’t mind the correction, it’s not quilters “over the country”. We are several Europeans, as well as Australians that I know of. It is a world-wide sew along!

  2. Sharon says:

    You are really ambitious! I am having a hard time keeping up with one quilt. That last clue was easy and I was surprised at how good my units came out. But the third clue was a killer for me, since I was making the bonus triangles.

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