Cakes are DONE, People are FINISHED – what about QUILTS – are they DONE DONE?

| May 30, 2011

While conducting  research at CAL STATE UNIVERSITY for my thesis, I was testing the memory of older and younger adults for learning new word processing procedures.  One morning, I peeked into the laboratory cubicle and very politely asked one of my research participants,  “Are you done, Mrs. _____”? SHE (being an 85 year old retired […]

Can and Will you help the people in Joplin, MO?

| May 25, 2011

If you are able and willing to help – I know of a secure way.   The folks in Joplin, MO are suffering – many of lost EVERYTHING in the recent tornados that have ravaged through their town demolishing their homes.   My online friend and quilt designer, Judy Laquidara of is collecting money […]