Sit and Stitch and Richmond Modern Quilt Guild

| June 19, 2011

Friday was packed with LOTS of GIGGLES…I don’t know what got into us…..but it felt good.  First we had SIT AND STITCH and then we had a RICHMOND MODERN QUILT GUILD meeting.   Here are some highlights of our creativity.  This is Catherine’s postcard……she cut out “A NEW SONG” from the pages of a Jan […]

SWEET RETREAT at Quilter’s Corner in Midlothian, VA

| April 1, 2011

Did everyone have a good APRIL FOOL’S DAY?  So far no one has tricked me…….but someone in my HOUSEHOLD was seen putting RED PEPPER on A HOMEMADE BROWNIE…..not mentioning any names………….. OK – so on to PLEASANT AND SWEET THINGS! Today we had a PREVIEW of the SWEET RETREAT (to be held Saturday and Sunday) […]

Quilter’s Night Out February 4, 2011

| February 5, 2011

Friday night was lots of fun at Quilter’s Corner in Midlothian, VA.  We had QUILTER’S NIGHT OUT……lots of creativity, laughs, and “girl therapy!”  I didn’t make it for the Day Time SIT AND STITCH EVENT because I was having fun subbing with the school children (and I really was having LOTS OF FUN!) After I […]

Quilters Corner Retreat – January 22, 2011

| January 23, 2011

Show and Tell at our SWEET RETREAT at  Quilter’s Corner today was alive and well.  Dawn started with her spectacular Mariner’s Compass creation – it is absolutely gorgeous.  She hand quilted it!!! I love Catherine’s Halloween Quilt – and you will notice that we cannot see her face….that is because SHE IS HIDING….at least she […]

WHOLE FOODS and SIT AND STITCH – Quilter’s Corner – January 21, 2011

| January 21, 2011

It was a wonderful day today……Catherine, John and I went to WHOLE FOODS for breakfast prior to our Sit and Stitch Day at Quilters Corner. AGAIN – WHOLE FOODS  was just wonderful!  I took a picture of the sign that listed the 30 top super healthy foods and I got 17 of these foods in […]