FUN WITH MOM – P Buckley Moss and other Treasures

| June 5, 2009

After work this week, Marla picked me up and we went to pick up our Moss Prints – I thought it was REALLY INTERESTING to see the same print in different mat/frame scenarios.  We both had our P. Buckley Moss prints “FUN WITH MOM” done at Sanders! Mine is plain – white mat with black […]

Halfway House and Quilty News

| February 10, 2009

What a day – Marla and I had a fantastic tour of a Virginian Plantation – Magnolia Grange – and we made a trip to JO JO’s Quilt shop to find some flannel fabric and be inspired by the quilts in the shop!  We also picked up our Moss Prints – and if that wasn’t […]

Busy Bea, P. Buckley Moss Framing, Halfway House, Quilter’s Corner – HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARLA – HAPPY EVERYTHING!

| December 2, 2008

We had a wonderful day today – and it just happened to be Marla’s birthday – so we just celebrated as we went along.  The main purpose of our trek was to get our latest P. Buckley Moss prints framed – however, our first stop was the BUSY BEA quilt shop in Chester.  What an […]