Needlework Shop in Williamsburg

| August 20, 2009

Someone recently asked me the name of the needlework shop in Williamsburg – I had posted pictures of it when Marla and I visited there and we were both so impressed.  WELL, Marla actually remembered the name of the shop and e-mailed me not only the name of the shop but a website too.  Just […]

Museums and Bassett Hall in Colonial Williamsburg, VA

| April 5, 2009

Marla and I were joined by Margaret as we went on our Williamsburg Adventure this Saturday.  We had a GREAT ADVENTURE.  The weather was perfect and the  museums were so fascinating.  I loved the Rockefeller Folk Art exhibit and was so glad to hear more about the history of the Rockefeller family.  They sure did a […]

Marla and sao Visit Yankee Candles

| February 8, 2009

After the February Colonial Piecemaker’s Meeting, Marla and I toured Yankee Candles.  This was beyond my expectations.  I expected to be amidst one of my FAVORITE THINGS IN THE WHOLE WORLD – candles!  We were luxuriated in the wonderful smells (even though I just threw grammatical correctness out the window – you get the picture!)  […]

Marla and sao Tour Shops in Williamsburg: Quilting, Knitting, Needlework Anyone?

| January 4, 2009

The new year continues to be jam packed with fun and adventure.  After having so much fun at our January 09 quilt guild meeting in Williamsburg, Marla and I were primed for further excitement.  We set out for LUV2 Quilt – and were enamored with the decor of this lovely quilt shop.  We were ooohing […]