SAO Quilts and other Projects Finished in 2017

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This year I finished 11 quilts which brings me to a grand total of 217…and I am not counting the one that I pieced when I was 5 years old because my grandma cut out all of the pieces, sewed it together, and had it quilted.

Quilts Finished in 2017

#1     Mountain  Majesty Quilt  was made for my brother and his wife’s  (Dan and Glenda Albertson) dog, Lilo.  It is a Bonnie K Hunter Design and was quilted by Sara Parrish.  This was a pattern not for the faint of heart or for those with poor spatial skills (me.)  It took two grandangels, myself, and my son-in-law to get this quilt laid out properly!

Lilo on Mountain Majesty

Mountain Majesty


#2     The Diver Dra Quilt was made from my brother, Dan Albertson’s, diving 5-shirts.  I designed the quilt  and Sara Parrish did the quilting.  It was a labor of love for sure!


Back of DIVER DRA Quilt

The Planning Process was CHALLENGING for me!

Diver DRA Quilt

#3    Wonky Diamonds was my own creation quilted by Sara Parrish.  It does not currently have a home.

Wonky Diamonds 2017

Back of Wonky Diamonds 2017

#4     Albertson Stars II  is a memory quilt – designed by ME and quilted by Sara Parrish.    I have it and it is waiting for a permanent home……as a wedding quilt for a great grandangel?

Albertson Stars II

Back of Albertson Stars II Quilt

 #5      L’Orange En Provence Quiltville Mystery 2016 Quilt –  a Bonnie K. Hunter Design quilted by Sara Parrish.  It does not have a forever home.

L’Orange En Provence Mystery Quilt 2016

Back of L’Orange En Provence 2016 Quiltville Mystery

Label L’Orange En Provence Mystery Quilt

#6       Don’t Be Goosey Quilt is made from Bonnie K Hunter’s pattern – Wild and Goosey.  My expert quilter is Sara Parrish.  This one includes a lot of fabric from my parents’s clothing.  It doesn’t have a forever home.

Don’t be Goosey 2017

#7       Christmas Grand Illusion Quilt is Bonnie K Hunter’s 2014 Quiltville Mystery.  It was quilted by Sara Parrish.    I had to make a few revisions on this one to “unbusy” the pattern.  It does not have a forever home yet.

Christmas Grand Illusion 2017

Back of Christmas Grand Illusion Quilt 2017

Label for Christmas Grand Illusion Quilt 2017



#8  Snowman Christmas Tree Skirt was quilted by Sara Parrish.  It resides in the Epps home and the cats and Ruby love it!

Snowman Christmas Tree Skirt

Oreo claims the Christmas Tree Skirt



#9    Albertson Red Barns is a Fons and Porter Country Barns pattern.  Sara Parrish did the quilting.  This quilt contains some of my parents’s clothing.  It does not have a forever home yet.

Albertson Country Barns Quilt 2017



#10     Twinkle Twinkle Tiny Stars Quilt was one that I designed and was quilted by Sara Parrish.    It is 71 x 80 and chock full of 1 1/2 inch scraps….love using those tiny scraps!

Twinkle Twinkle Tiny Stars

Label for Twinkle Twinkle Tiny Stars Quilt


#11      En Provence is a 2016 Quiltville Mystery designed by Bonnie K Hunter and mine was quilted by Sara Parrish.  The back of the quilt is made mostly from the backs of my parents’s  shirts cut into 12 1/2 inch squares.

En Provence 2016 Quiltville Mystery

Back of En Provence Quilt 2017

 Other Projects Completed in 2017

Repair of Albertson Tumbler Quilt – the rat ate it

Achilles ate my quilt

Albertson Tumbler Quilt with holes covered and New Binding 2017

Back of Tumbler Quilt with patches over the holes 2017

Achilles feasted on my Albertson Tumbler Quilt.  I think I repaired 29 holes and had to replace the binding.

White Sweater Pillow for Leanna

White Sweater Pillow for Leanna 2017


Lacy’s Denim Prayer Pillow (for her birthday from her mom, Jan, and me)

I used a denim shirt that Ann Hill gave me at the Crafter’s Yard Sale at Nancy Buckland’s church to make this pillow.  Jan bought and mailed me the pillow form.  I mailed it to Lacy in San Francisco!

Lacy’s Denim Birthday Pillow 2017

Back of Lacy’s Denim Birthday Pillow 2017

Doggie Beds (Stuffed with fabric scraps)

Sandy Jones gave me the cover fabric at the Craft Yard sale at Nancy Buckland’s church.

Puppy Beds 2017

Rat Sweater

I made this rat sweater for Achilles – Chris’s rat.  He really didn’t like it very much and wiggled right out of it.

Rat Sweater for Achilles 2017

Achilles and Chris 2017

Flat Tara Shawl

My great niece, Tara Lynn Cook, sent me her Flat Tara for a visit.  I made her a shawl so that we could go on walks!

Flat Tara Sleeping Bag

Flat Tara’s Sleeping Bag 2017

Hot Pad Bowls

I made four of these – two reside in the Epps household and two are in Texas with Dan and Glenda Albertson.

Hot Pads for bowls 2017

Baby Caterpillar Outfit for baby boy Albertson

I made this for Andrew and Anna Albertson’s baby boy – can’t wait for him to be born so I can see a photo of him in it!

Caterpillar baby sack and hat 2017

Little Doll with Blanket – project at Quilt Camp 2017

I gave this little doll to Flat Tara.

Little Doll with Blanket at Quilt Camp 2017

Drawstring Little Bag

Sandy Jones gave me this pattern and I made it at Quilt Camp,  February, 2017

Little Drawstring Bag 2017

K9 For Warriors

This K9 for Warriors project is a passion of mine.  Each month, 12 vets are given a service dog and spend 3 weeks in Florida training with them.  Many of the vets are able to give up meds for PTSD after having the support of these service dogs (who are all rescues, I might add.)  Ginger Whiting organizes the quilt for the dogs projects.  I sew the bindings on.  (This year I made 10.)

K9 For WARRIORS (Aug Sept 2017)

October, 2017 K9 for Warriors (2)

Tiny Origami Halloween Basket

This was a Judy Jennings Swift Creek Quilters project and she even filled it with candy!

Halloween Bag – Quilt Group Project (Judy Jennings)

Project Bags

Judy DiMeo taught us how to make these project bags at our Swift Creek Quilter’s Meeting.  Then I made another one at November Quilt Camp!

Project Bag (Judy DiMeo Project)

Back of Project Bag 2 2017

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