QUILTVILLE MYSTERY QUILTS by Shirley Albertson Owens April 12, 2016

| April 12, 2016

Since Angela Neff was so nice to post a list of all of the Quiltville Mystery Quilts on her Facebook page, I decided to post photos of all of my Bonnie K. Hunter mystery quilts on my blog.  So here goes my Quiltville Mystery Quilt SHOW AND TELL as of April 12, 2016. 2007 Carolina […]

Grand Illusion Part 5 Progress

| December 28, 2014

It won’t be long now until the Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt is a quilt top ready to be quilted.  The anticipation is building…..we should have one or two more clues and VOILA – the pattern will be revealed.   Here the photos of my two part 5 blocks.  This was an easy peasy clue – didn’t take […]

Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt – Clue 3 Progress

| December 15, 2014

How time flies – it is that time again – to post progress on this wonderful Bonnie Hunter Quiltville Winter Mystery Quilt. This week we are working on Clue 3 and here is my photo  to represent the block for Part 3 for  the Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt.   And TA DA – here is my photo to […]

Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt – Clue 2 Progress

| December 7, 2014

It is that time again – for all of us to share our progress on Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville Winter Mystery  2014 – Grand Illusion!   Here is my progress on Grand Illusion Clue 2 – 100 double chevrons made from 200 rose squares, 200 navy squares, and 200 neutral rectangles!  These were fun to make! […]

Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt – Clue 1 Progress

| November 30, 2014

It is time for LINKY LINK to share progress on Bonnie Hunter’s  Quiltville  2014 Winter Mystery – Grand Illusion!   I am making TWO mystery quilts (a tradition so that I can give one away and keep one!)   I am using the EASY ANGLE method for half square triangles. Here is my progress on […]