SAO Quilts and other Projects Finished in 2009

| December 31, 2015

In 2007 I finished 17 quilts.  In 2008 I finished 19 quilts.  In 2009 I must have been completely crazy – it appears I made 34 quilts in 2009.  I find that almost unbelievable – but I was there and I have the photos, so it must be true!!! Here we go, ta da, the […]

My EGG MONEY QUILT talked to me and I listened!

| December 16, 2008

I  really had a difficult time DECIDING  what kind of a border to put on my Egg Money Quilt – but FINALLY I decided and it is now finished (the top, that is!) Here it is…. I put on one small white border so that my cornerstones would float – then another  small yellow border.  At that […]

Eleanor Burns Inspired EGG MONEY QUILTS at Quilter’s Corner

| December 15, 2008

Our Egg Money Quilt Class had its last meeting on Sunday at Quilter’s Corner in Midlothian, VA  and we were very productive.  Look at Linda with her Egg Money Quilt blocks!  Linda drove ALL THE WAY from Virginia Beach each month to sew with us!  She made her Egg Money Quilt a bit larger than the […]

Egg Money Quilt Blocks

| November 18, 2008

Sunday we had our Egg Money Quilt Class at Quilter’s Corner……and here are my two blocks for this month – and UHM….yes I made yet a third block for NEXT MONTH.  TA DA They are the Christian Cross, The Friendship Block and the Peony Block.  I LOVE THE MIDDLE BLOCK SO MUCH THAT I AM […]

Quilty Things in sao’s World

| October 9, 2008

It is time for an update of sao quilty happenings….so here is what I have been working on. I got a lot done on retreat – not as much as the QUEEN OF PROLIFIC QUILTING (Sandie) – but quite a lot. THIMBLEBERRIES I got my Thimbleberries “assignment” completed.  I love these small flower blocks…and the OTHER […]