The Lion King – and Hamlet?

| September 29, 2011

Last night three of my grandangels and I went to see THE LION KING in 3-D.   It was quite entertaining and somehow it was a lot funnier last night than I remember it being the first time I saw it (before 3-D).  It was first released by Disney in 1994 and I am GUESSING […]

THE HELP – great movie

| September 5, 2011

I recommend that you go see the movie THE HELP!  It was so well done and deeply moving is the best description that I can imagine.  I didn’t just cry (like we all do at movies sometimes) – I had a deep feeling of nausea and a sobbing reaction that comes with the realization of […]

Run, Don’t Walk to the Landmark Theatre

| January 29, 2011

The COLOR PURPLE is now on my list of FAVORITE THINGS.  Last night my DD Christi, her friend, Jennifer, Catherine and I went to the Landmark Theatre to see  The Color Purple.   Catherine even wore purple! Before the show we ate at the new Mexican Restaurant (beside Hancocks) – wish I could think of […]

Grandma’s Day Out with Sarah Oct. 24, 2010

| October 24, 2010

Today was the day that Grandangel Sarah and I celebrated her 11th birthday with a day – just for us.  We started out with BREAKFAST IN BED (Cooper joined the party!) Here we are – ready for our adventures……. Sarah got to choose where we went and what we did! We started with a cruise […]

sao’s Quilty SHOW AND TELL for this week

| January 8, 2009

  I guess you are going to  want to know what Hannay Fay is doing and why her picture is on my blog…, I will tell you…..Hannah Fay is helping me get the quilting pattern printouts OUT OF THE COMPUTER!!!!  Why am I printing out new patterns?   Remember when I reported that Sheddy is […]