SEW SEW DAY May 24, 2010

| May 24, 2010

Catherine and I had a great SEW SEW DAY today………and I LEARNED NOT ONE – BUT TWO new things….how cool is that…..I absolutely love learning how to do new things. OK – first we had an ATC REVIEW – LOVE THESE – thanks everyone from the Quilting Adventures ATC group!  The ATCs this month are […]

What is Happening in SAO’s WORLD?

| May 23, 2010

ATC – CELEBRATES BASKETS My ATCs  for this month went to the meeting WITHOUT ME – thanks Catherine.  The theme was BASKETS and since I love MAY DAY I made May Day Baskets.  I love May Day so much that I had a baby on that day – son Rob!!  🙂   Scrappy Chiclet and […]

Catherine’s UPCOMING Classes

| March 28, 2010

Catherine is sharing her talent – I just had to share some of her upcoming classes at Quilting Adventures.  I am taking the Wild and Wooly class – can’t wait to learn to weave fibers…..hope to see you in the class! This bag is adorable – it has a magnetic opening and opens up into […]

ATC WIND AND KITES Exchange March, 2010

| March 28, 2010

Have any of you out there ever been TRULY EMBARRASSED?  REALLY REALLY STOMACH CHURNING EMBARRASSED? Well, that describes ME today at my first ever ATC (Artist Trading Cards) exchange at Quilting Adventures where I brought in cards to exchange.  (The only time I have ever been more embarrassed was when I landed on a man’s […]

ATC Exchange and ART WORKS

| January 25, 2010

Just when I am CERTAIN that I cannot muster another laugh out of my weary body, day three of the marathon of fun began and I am SURE that Catherine, Carmen and I did not stop laughing for more than a minute or two the entire day!  Have you ever had a day like this […]