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dscf5773.JPGI am an enthusiastic quilter, scrapbooker and grandmother of many grandangels.  When I lived in Southern California I was a full professor at a Christian University.  Since I have been in Midlothian, Virginia (since 2004) I have enjoyed participating in a few craft shows, selling crocheted and knitted items on E-Bay, and being a substitute teacher.  I am pictured here with some of my children and grandangels…..I am the one seated – wearing black (I am KNOWN for wearing black.)  Some of you may recognize the SHIRLEY ANNE’S HEART phrase – it was the name of my E-Bay Store – and my daughter-in-law, Lil (shown in the picture on your right holding little Shirley Anne) is responsible for producing the logo.

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  1. Jeanne McGill says:

    I enjoyed seeing your quilt of Carolina Crossroads and Super Bowl Bargello. Very Nice! As soon as I finish my string quilt, I’m going to attempt the bargello.
    Also, I’ve been looking for a longarm quilter. So glad to hear about, A Needle Runs Through It.
    Jeanne in VA

  2. Claudette Adams says:

    It was so nice to meet you this weekend at the retreat. Can’t wait to run into you again somewhere in our quilting world.

  3. Bobi Clark says:

    Thank you for sending me a lovely Fat Q of fabric. I love looking and touching it. In the future I can see another scrappy quilt that will include your gift. Happy Quilting. Bobi/UT from quiltville chat PS lobed your website.

  4. Shirley Ann Osewalt says:

    Hi Shirley,

    I am enjoying your website/blog.
    It’s nice to “meet” another Shirley Ann(e); and another SAO….

    Also, another Janiac,
    Quilty Hugs, Shirley

  5. George Reynolds says:

    Thanks for being such a good roommate for my daughter, “Princess” Heidi. I enjoyed reading your account of the quilters’ retreat. My wife Linda is an ardent quilter too, and has a quilt on display this coming weekend, 10-12 Oct at the Tidewater Quilt Guild annual Quilt Show. She made a train/truck/plane/race car quilt for our 3-year old grandson Scotty. We have five children (4 married) and 8 grandchildren.

  6. Pam says:

    WOW! I just love your site…..You and your family are beautiful and so is your work. I participated in the Batik Strip Swap and wanted you to know that I just love the batiks you sent…..WOW! really beautiful fabric. Your Old Virginia Road quilt is simply AWESOME! I am still making pinwheels…well, that is where I am when I resume making it! lol….
    I will visit often and if I’m ever in your area, a visit to Quilt at Quilter’s Corner is a DEFINITE must do.
    thanks again!

  7. Carolyn Howerton (from quiltler corner) says:

    Your angle quilt was lovely.
    Did you find the new Jo Ann’s? They are having their grand opening this Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
    The warm and natural or warm and white batting is great and I am always piecing small pieces together for a small project.
    Great to work with and being able to buy it off the bolt is much cheaper. I get a large roll of it when I have a 50% coupon and always have it on hand.
    See you soon, I hope.
    Carolyn Howerton

  8. Lauri Ward says:

    I love the story about Cooper’s pants. Reminds me of my Aunt Shirley!! I wonder why!! After all it is summer time, who needs long pants? I am and will always be one of your biggest fans!! Love you soooo much!!


  9. iyabo osiapem says:

    hi shirley! i love your site. it was lovely getting to know you at the retreat and sharing veggie meal with you too!

  10. Lynda Burns says:


    I would like your permission to refer guild members to your Exploding Pineapple Block tutorial in our September newsletter. I am in charge of our block exchange and really like the uniqueness of the way this block is made.

    Lynda Burns
    Washington State Quilters-Spokane Chapter

  11. Dixie Dill says:

    Chanced upon your wonderful site! Love the pictures of your quilting. Will visit often!

  12. Angie says:

    Hello, was looking for an image of the Carolina Christmas and found your beauty. I made the version with the 2 blocks and am now trying to come up with a quilt design for this oh so busy quilt top. What did you use? It looks like a wide pattern. Would you mind sharing with me?

    Thanks in advance,

  13. Judy C in NC says:

    Good Morning Shirley – Sure have missed your lovely blog, but alas, you have been very busy with family. I truly hope your Dad continues to heal and improve.

    Question ????? I have been looking for the Classic Socks pattern by Yankee Quilter and I see that is what you are using so was wondering where you found it. I really want to learn to knit socks and this will be my next adventure on this journey of “stretching and improving myself”. I also think that I should look for a class as those double pointed needles look dangerous – lol. I am already 69 and do not want to put off much longer that which I can accomplish today. Thank you for any information you can forward me. Judy C

  14. I am the author of the book Sew Simple Pineapple. You are infringing my copyright on a technique I developed called Exploding Pineapple
    Please will you remove the technique and photographs from this website immediately and make sure that your readers and friends realise that this technique is explained in my book and must not be posted on the Internet. Please confirm.
    Karin Hellaby

  15. I was looking for a 12 in block pattern for a block called Peaceful Hours.
    You have the block pictured in the retreat pictures. Is it a 12 in block?
    If so would you please e-mail me the pattern?

    Thank you

    Love your site. You sound like a hoot. I think we would get along. I like having fun too….

  16. Hello Shirley,
    I am interested in information about the “Beach Cottage” in Corolla where you went to Quilt Camp in 2008 and how to contact them for future Quilt Camps. I too am a Christian woman and I used to quilt. I was also in Christian education as a director of a Christian preschool. My husband, who has not yet retired, is asking me to retire with him soon. Initially it was not anything I had considered, as I am very happy with things as they are. Now after reading of your 2008 beach cottage quilt camp, I’m excited to travel with my husband and quilt. He also is interested in going to the Virginia Beach and Corolla areas, as we have family and property there. I was especially interested in quilt camp being held in February . Being born in Virginia Beach, I know how hot the summers are. Most traveling opportunities for me, working in the school system, are during summers. Once we retire, traveling Spring and Fall seasons will be options. Thank you for re-inspiring my love for quilting and the Outer Banks sunsets and sunrises. Your pictures and comments of friendships with fellow quilters warmed my heart of childhood roots and earlier adult passions. You have given me a timely gift while I carefully dip toes in waters of transition toward retirement…and quilting again.

  17. Jim Noblet says:

    Hi Shirley, I live in Midlothian, VA since 1987 and am completely blown away. I have always thought of you and from the photo, see that you are as beautiful as ever. I pray that life is and has been good to you. Always, Jim

  18. Sheddy says:

    Miss reading your blog. What have you been up to?

  19. kathy do says:

    Hello Shirley,

    I have been searching for years for the dinosaur applique patterns and found your website. Please, can you direct me how to get the patterns. My daughter love to have a dinosaur quilt make for her.

    My thanks in advance.

    Kind regards,


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