Bethpage Augusta/Melissa Retreat Year Two 2013

| November 18, 2013

What a wonderful retreat we had this past weekend.  What do NONQUILTERS do to renew their minds, spirits, and funny bones!?  Quilters go on retreats!  We had three days of giggles, creativity and gourmet meals served to us on white table cloths with NO DISHES TO DO!  What could be better! If you don’t know […]


| February 3, 2011

Augusta just sent me a picture of her new pattern CURVED LOG CABIN.  It is beautiful.   No – not beautiful – SPECTACULAR! I have almost finished making the blocks for mine.  I LOVE IT!  (I will post a picture of mine when I get it put together!!!!) JUST LOOK!!!! This is going on my […]


| January 29, 2011

We had such a wonderful time today at Augusta Cole’s CUTTING BEE.  It was my third time and I had just as much fun today as I did the last two times…..I will admit that I missed some of my FAVORITE PEEPS (Patsy, Carmen, and Sheddy!)  I missed other people too ……:) Catherine and I […]

sao’s Quilty Stuff Accomplished at Quilt Camp

| March 15, 2010

I am happy to say that I came home from Quilt Camp this year  with THREE QUILTS FINISHED – I took them ready to be bound and I bound two of them!  HM…..I bound two and came home with THREE FINISHED… on…..     The first one is the MILKY WAY from Augusta Cole’s Cutting […]

Country Piecemaker’s Quilt Guild and AUGUSTA COLE at our February 2010 Meeting

| February 14, 2010

Saturday I actually drove in the snow – a beautiful light snowfall in Powhatan, VA.  I was BENT on making it to my Country Piecemaker’s Quilt Guild meeting in Powhatan.  I could not face missing one more thing because of the snow and I HAD TO MAKE THIS MEETING BECAUSE THE GREAT AUGUSTA COLE was […]