Bethpage Augusta/Melissa Retreat Year Two 2013

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What a wonderful retreat we had this past weekend.  What do NONQUILTERS do to renew their minds, spirits, and funny bones!?  Quilters go on retreats!  We had three days of giggles, creativity and gourmet meals served to us on white table cloths with NO DISHES TO DO!  What could be better!

If you don’t know me very well, you probably do not know that I am perpetually lost (geographically speaking.)  I NEVER go anywhere without my GPS.  Well, guess whose GPS holder BROKE right before my journey to Urbanna for the retreat!?  So, desperate to make sure that I got to the retreat I filled a cloth bag (repurposed and previously made by Catherine) with soynuts and made a beanbag for my GPS secured to the dash holder with rubber bands…..I AM NOT KIDDING!

Nov 18 2013 353


Actually that was my BACKUP because I followed Catherine all of the way – and we made it in record time….do you think we look happy and ready for fun?  We are – and our little red wagons are FULL of fabric, thread, and other mixed media items just awaiting being created into masterpieces….LOL.

Nov 18 2013 355 Nov 18 2013 354


The Bethpage Resort Camp is wonderful – we had lots of room, good lighting and great views out the glass windows…….:)

This is where we met to sew!  It is so quaint and cozy!  The weather was PERFECT – blue skies and autumn leaves in abundance!


Nov 18 2013 356

This is Catherine and my work area – you can see how much ROOM we had and how much light!  Did they build this room for quilters?  LOL.

Nov 18 2013 361


We stepped outside onto the side portch often to view the awesome fall artistry of nature!

Nov 18 2013 440 Nov 18 2013 439 Nov 18 2013 438

Here are some of my informal shots of friends and SHOW AND TELLS that were close enough to me and my camera to get captured!

Nov 18 2013 473


Nov 18 2013 429


Nov 18 2013 417 Nov 18 2013 418 Nov 18 2013 416

Several of the retreaters made blocks out of the fat quarters that we got last year and there was a drawing on Sunday!  SIX PEOPLE won 12 blocks each and were ENCOURAGED by Augusta to bring their completed quilts back next year!  Below are the LUCKY SIX…..looking forward to seeing those quilts in 2014.  🙂

Nov 18 2013 359

One of these winners (not mentioning any names) claims to have made ONE BLOCK that took her five minutes – and those who made multiple blocks hoping to win joked that SHE would probably be a winner….and she was….:)  Still not mentioning any names but protecting the innocent SHE is not the first two or the last three pictured!  🙂

Nov 18 2013 470 Nov 18 2013 469 Nov 18 2013 468 Nov 18 2013 467 Nov 18 2013 466 Nov 18 2013 465


This year Augusta invited a special guest – Karen – her first quilting teacher.  We have all heard how wonderful Karen was and it was so much fun to meet her in person – and yes, she is indeed wonderful.  We were mesmerized by her hexagon log cabin quilt (and Augusta will be teaching us how to do this in the near future….watch for a class near you – after Karen writes the pattern!)   Karen and Augusta are in autumnal colors!  Isn’t that hexie log cabin in scrappy fabrics just pure eye candy?


Nov 18 2013 357



Karen’s Hexie Log Cabin inspiration in progress (and by the way I don’t know what this will actually be named but I doubt that it will be HEXIE LOG CABIN INSPIRATION!)  🙂

Nov 18 2013 378


And here are  more pictures of quilters having delightful times for various reasons!  🙂  Some of the photos are of the beautiful quilts or other projects – and some do  not have their people attached!  🙂


Nov 18 2013 427

Nov 18 2013 386


Nov 18 2013 376 Nov 18 2013 375 Nov 18 2013 373



Nov 18 2013 424

We learned to do FACING INSTEAD OF BINDING….love this!

Nov 18 2013 457 Nov 18 2013 459

Catherine had a TON of CREATIVE mixed media works of art (to purchase her works of art you may find them at the ASG Bazaar this Saturday at St. Matthews Church in Richmond.)  I didn’t take pictures of lots of her things because they were in process and might be SECRETS only to be revealed on Saturday!


Nov 18 2013 360


Nov 18 2013 437 Nov 18 2013 436


Catherine taught us how to make this flower featured on her bag but her demo was so popular that I couldn’t get close enough to get photos of her doing this….but here is the end result!


Nov 18 2013 407

Nov 18 2013 408



And speaking of bags, we learned to make this  wonderful bag – this was our make and take and we all loved it!  Catherine’s (with the buttons and flower) is pictured above!


Nov 18 2013 390 Nov 18 2013 389

Nov 18 2013 396 Nov 18 2013 395


VOILA….Nov 18 2013 391

These are my fabrics for the bag and my end product….love it!

Nov 18 2013 393 Nov 18 2013 392


Nov 18 2013 398




Most of us used batting in our bags, but Catherine used scrumptious red felt!  🙂

Nov 18 2013 369



More show and tells and works in progress!  Isn’t this inspirational!  Oh the people you meet and the things that you can create……..

Nov 18 2013 419

Nov 18 2013 422 Nov 18 2013 421 Nov 18 2013 420


Nov 18 2013 426


This is another quilt that Augusta will be teaching in the near future…… and wait for it – it is going to be a POPULAR CLASS!  Her classes are like Taylor Swift’s concerts…..sold out and FULL in a blink!

Nov 18 2013 451


Here is another quilt made from one of Augusta’s patterns (which I meant to purchase but got sidetracked – you know how it is, ‘if you give a mouse a cookie…..'”)  I love this quilt!

Nov 18 2013 406


And here are some of MY projects for the retreat!  I got two quilts bound and finished!!!!!!    HAPPY DANCE!  I loved making the 2 1/2″ pseudo jelly roll back – I call it pseudo because I just used my 2 1/2″ strips and parts of strips in my stash.  This one is a Christmas Mystery 2011  “Jeanne’s Diamonds” designed by Dorothy Young and quilted by Sara Parrish.

Nov 18 2013 430

Nov 18 2013 433 Nov 18 2013 434 Nov 18 2013 435


This one is “Nanna’s Surprise,” a  Quilter’s Club of America Mystery made from Holly Jolly Moda fabrics of yesteryear!  It is also quilted by Sara Parrish.

Nov 18 2013 385 Nov 18 2013 382


I also worked on a quilt top made from 5″ scraps made into half square triangles. I have named it Strippy Hidden Stars.

I got this idea from Bonnie Hunter ( who taught us to make flying geese out of scrappy strips (I made a ton of these and might add them as a border to this quilt but I am afraid it might be too busy.)  I also got this idea from Pat Speth who made half square triangles out of scrappy strips.   I think Pat called hers a trash can quilt.  Because I took a class from her she shared a pattern for a trash can quilt but I lost it.  I just remember that she made stars – so mine may be similar to hers!  If I make another one I will think of sonething else to do to highlight the stars because I think they get LOST in the overall pattern!

Nov 18 2013 414

See how the star looks in one block!  I wonder how this would look with sashing?

Nov 18 2013 362

Augusta wanted to see the one that I made from 4 1/2″ strips of scrappy fabrics (many from her annual Cutting Bees that I attend every year – except last year when I was snowed in!)

I made diamonds out of the half square triangles and then made sashing from the 4 1/2″ strips as well.  The first photo is my WONKY TRAILS (I made up this pattern in my very own  head) in progress and the second photo is of the finished top.  (Sara Parrish is quilting it as we speak….maybe!  :))


Cell phone November 2013 436 Cell phone November 2013 445


In case you hadn’t noticed, I am PASSIONATE about scrappy quilts!  Here is my Scrappy Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt that I also worked on at the retreat!  Someone recently asked me if I ever made a real quilt out of planned fabric…..LOL…..well, I guess these are my real quilts and I have planned them this way………they make me happy and it is so much fun to make something out of the pieces of my past!  🙂

Nov 18 2013 474


Catherine and I had some fun at the Urbanna flea market before we left town……we left VERY HAPPY!  Thanks for the fun everyone!

So for this year we said our goodbyes….to our cute little cabin trailer #32!

Nov 18 2013 366

Goodbye and thank you Augusta and Melissa!

Nov 18 2013 472


Goodbye Urbanna!  🙂


Nov 18 2013 402 Nov 18 2013 401 Nov 18 2013 400 Nov 18 2013 399



And goodbye and thank you to everyone from Catherine and sao (aka Shirley.)

Nov 18 2013 463












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  1. Margaret says:

    looks like you guys got a lot done!!! what fun

  2. Catherine Etter says:

    Best year and retreat ever!!!!!!!!!! Just sooooooooo uber happy to be invited, included and made to feel so very, very special. Karen’s dear friend and partner in crime is a shear delight as well and Karen won the most gigando raffle basket I have ever seen, lucky lucky girl!!!!!!!!
    And we met the “official” Ambassador of Urbanna at the ABC store who coincidentally knew where in fact to direct us to locate our liquid refreshment requirements, other than the ABC store of course, tutu funny……..
    We had the MOST lovely rain Friday night on our tin roofed cabins, okay, it rained on everything, not just our roofs but you know what I mean………
    Old friends, new friends, best friends and I’ll tell you, we squeezed every single bit of blessed productive silly times we could out of those three days……… wish it had been soooooooooo much longer but then that’s what makes it special, right?
    Now onwards and upwards, hope to see y’all this Saturday at the bazaar, can’t wait for next year, same bat time, sane bat channel, thank you Augusta, Melissa and especially buggy Shirley……….

  3. Catherine Etter says:

    And Karen’s buddy’s name is Jean, duh, how I’ll miss those brain cells I burned this weekend……….

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