| August 7, 2012

The knitting needles have been click  click clicking away here lately.   I finished my third and final project for CAMP LOOPY EWE……..the Whipporwill Shawl.  I found some rubber interlocking puzzle blocks at Wal-Mart so that I could block it.  This was my first attempt at truly blocking a finished work.  I used lots of […]

Ravellenics and Camp Loopy Ewe Project 3

| July 29, 2012

During the Olympics I am supposed to be KNITTING – I am entered into the SHAWL EVENT for TEAM LOOPY 2012 – it is called the RAVELLENICS. Here is my shawl for the SHAWL EVENT….WHIPPORWILL.   (It is also my Project 3 for Camp Loopy Ewe 2012.)  We were to CAST ON for RAVELLENICS  during […]

The Rules for Project 3 at Camp Loopy 2012 Have Been Announced

| July 11, 2012

I think the knitters attending CAMP LOOPY have been refreshing The Loopy Ewe website URL constantly for the past three days – anxiously awaiting the RULES for Project 3 at Camp Loopy! This time we have to use at least 500 yards of yarn, knit with at least two colors, and use a pattern that […]