SAO Quilts and other Projects Finished in 2009

| December 31, 2015

In 2007 I finished 17 quilts.  In 2008 I finished 19 quilts.  In 2009 I must have been completely crazy – it appears I made 34 quilts in 2009.  I find that almost unbelievable – but I was there and I have the photos, so it must be true!!! Here we go, ta da, the […]

Quilts Found New Homes

| August 10, 2009

Grandangel Chase graduated from High School this spring – and TA DA – I gave him a quilt for graduation – QUILTERS CORNERS!  I think he liked it!  I got a hug anyway!  🙂   And my cousin, Janie, was happy to get her quilt  – Thimbleberries Lakeside 2008.  I am soooo glad that it […]

Midlothian Quilters May 16, 2009

| May 17, 2009

Four of us met Saturday in the library for some “quiltin’, sharin’, and talkin’”……we had a nice time and the meeting room in the library was cool!!!!  Marla, Julia, sao, and the mystery lady (I didn’t get a picture of her face – but let’s see if you can guess who……she once made 50 napkins […]

What I SEWED on Spring Break April 2009

| April 12, 2009

 I did a bit of sewing over Spring Break this past week! WANNA SEE?  OK – some of it will be revealed.  First here are the things that  I did that I have no pictures for.  You will just have to believe me on this!  Is this mysterious, or what! I worked on my IF […]


| November 6, 2008

It’s that time again when I share SOME of the things that I have been working on…….   First – here are the MODA BLOCKS for month two….THE SELVAGE STAR BLOCK is purported to be an original new block – not on record as having been recorded before! AND TA DA…..the QUILTERS CORNERS Block of […]