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National Quilting Day 2008I downloaded this from www. NATIONALQUILTINGDAY.com!  Who knew that there was actually a National Quilting Day!

Well, there is and it is today!  There is even a logo.  I am impressed!

THIS IS FROM THE SITE….”Join in the celebration of our own special holiday! National Quilting Day is March 15. Do something special! The NQD logo for 2008 is the “Eight Hands Around” block – symbolizing the long tradition of friends joining together to share their love of quilting.”

So……to celebrate I worked on my Moda Piece N Plenty Mystery Quilt (a monthly saga hosted by Betsy at the Quilter’s Corner in Midlothian, VA .)  Each month we make at least one block and then some filler block.  My entire quilt is being done in blue and white-on-white (I substituted the white-on-white because I liked it better than the plain white fabric in our kit.)

I have no idea how these pieces are going to fit together  – but perhaps this is why it is called a MYSTERY QUILT! 

 Here is what I have done so far…..

This is the block for October, 2007 (that was when the MODA project started.)  The small baskets were paper pieced – my first attempt at paper piecing!

sao 2007 October Moda Piece N Plenty Block and Filler


In November, 2007 we made this  basket block which is set on point and the filler blocks are little flying geese units. 

sao 2007 Nov Moda Piece N Plenty Block and Filler


In December, 2007 we made a cute little bird and basket with a GIANT FLOWER….and two fillers. 

Each month’s block and filler is by a different designer.

sao 2007 Dec Moda Piece N Plenty Block and Fillers

 I am just now finishing January’s assignment – because it was a whooper of a project….two blocks plus fillers.

The designs are certainly challeging – something new to learn each month.

The one on the right is done using a NEEDLE TURN APPLIQUE TECHNIQUE – my first time to do this!  It might be my favorite block so far!

sao 2008 Jan Moda Piece N Plenty Blocks and Fillers


February’s block is the largest so far…..it measures 16 1/2″ square – I like it too.

sao 2008 Feb Moda Piece N Plenty Blocks

I still have some applique stitching to do on some of these blocks – but at least everything is together and fused in the right places!

Maybe tomorrow I will celebrate National Quilting Day – Part 2 – and get myself caught up on this Mystery Quilt before the March assignment materializes (no pun intended.)  🙂



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  1. Rhonda says:

    Love the two colors! You’ll have one wonderful quilt when you’re done. Looking forward to see more. :c)

  2. holly says:

    have you done any more of the piece and plenty block.

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