Sit And Stitch at Quilter’s Corner July 3, 2009

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 Sit and Stitch at Quilter’s Corner today was just UNBELIEVABLE – there was a fantastic sale going on – fat quarters 10 for $15 and if that isn’t a recipe for fun, then I don’t know what is.  AND – in case you were wondering – the FQs keep appearing and the sale will continue throughout the weekend.  IT WAS A SUPER STUPENDOUS FANTASTIC  FIRECRACKER SPECIAL SIT AND STITCH – or something like that!  LOL.  🙂

The Show and  Tells were just fabulous – you will love the pictures – check out Susan’s “fur” top purse made by Karen Du Mont – a real conversation piece.  Joy made some breath-taking miniature quilts (with perfect seams and points – just very impressive)

– love JoAnn’s quilt with a scrappy back and her chocolate fudge pie from UKROPS WHICH SHE SHARED was to die for

– and Marla’s Fairy Quilt and hand blanket stitched stars were both wonderful…..and this is just a start!  I wish that I would have taken a full picture of Marla’s Egg Money Quilt – but there was a lot of excitement today – and somehow I missed it.

And speaking of excitement – Sherry brought  in Tom McLehaney to oil and grease “Sally” her featherweight – and that was fun to watch.  The picture that I took is hysterical – it looks like Sherry is about to punch Tom!    Sherry made me laugh all day today!

And you will not believe another spectacular event of the day…..Catherine made a surprise appearance – just couldn’t stay away from the big sale – and all of the wonderful NICE people who were sewing today at QC!  She designed and made her jewelry and looked absolutely stunning today – and the best part – she is wearing a boot instead of a cast!  YEAH!!!!!!

 Thanks for the fun everyone!  I really had a great time.

Enjoy the pictures!

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  1. SherryEnman says:


    I just love your blog, and your comments on the pictures are the best. It really does look like I’m going to slug Tom. See you Monday for your road trip

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