Roll Roll Cotton Boll Step 2 AND FRIED DRESSING

Posted By on November 28, 2010

Be sure you read to the end of this post to HEAR about my new recipe…..there is NO PICTURE of my FRIED DRESSING because I accidently burned it a little and it wasn’t pretty – BUT IT WAS REALLY TASTY!!

Step 2 of Roll Roll Cotton Boll AND Roll Roll Cotton Boll JR has been completed.  So far doing two mystery quilts at a time is working out to be AOK.  (Much better than knitting two socks at a time….LOL!!)

Here are the little pieces anxiously awaiting CLUE #3 to be posted Dec. 3 I think!!!  (The pink and brown pieces are for RRCotton Boll Jr and the RASPBERRY and brown pieces are for Roll Roll Cotton Boll.)

AND… you like to try new things?  I like to MAKE UP things in the kitchen….REALLY.  Well, here is my latest new thing.  We have lots of dressing left over (my cornbread dressing has cranberries, apples and pecans in it) AND I had a craving for olive oil (go figure – yesterday it was dark chocolate and today it is olive oil!)   So I put some olive oil in a pan and FRIED SLICES OF DRESSING.  OH MY GOODNESS – you would not believe how good it was!



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3 Responses to “Roll Roll Cotton Boll Step 2 AND FRIED DRESSING”

  1. Your blocks look great! I laughed when I saw your comment on the yahoo group that you might be able to make a 3rd one! I’m sure you could!

  2. Sharyn says:

    this is similar but more interesting that ‘corn pone’ which was our fried cornbread back with dirt was new and the world was in black and white.

    Because the first two steps have been so easy I’m tempted to start a second project…but the veterans keep saying we will get slammed with work on the next clue. I look forward to seeing your Shadow Sisters RRCB

  3. Judy C in NC says:

    Everything is coming up Christmasy at your house and really looking good. DWH said that it may be a “deal breaker” if we do not try fried dressing – given his enormous appetite for dressing and fried food. He so enjoys the holidays with all the food groups represented and has already asked about the bread pudding and chocolate peanut butter cookies.

    RRCB is on my mind and I am having difficulty not starting it right now – just too many other things to be done. Also, I need to see more of the pattern to determine the constant color with the vibrant colors I have chosen. Guess it will not be a mystery for me.

    I love the snow falling on your background while I am typing. Happy Everything Ya’ll. Judy C

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