Fun at Quilt Camp – Corolla, North Carolina – TERN OF THE CENTURY, February 2013

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We all have such fun at our annual quilt camp that we BEGIN thinking about our menus, projects, and prizes for the NEXT YEAR before we even leave Christy’s “PALACE AT THE OCEAN”  at Tern of the Century in  Corolla, NC.

Here are some of the photos of our fun….I hope you enjoy them!


We always learn from each other at Quilt Camp…..quilting techniques and other things are freely shared.  Lynne learned to use a new “Quilting” tool!


It seems that Alma and Sandie began their pole dancing BEFORE their first sip of wine!  🙂  TOO FUNNY  There is something about someone holding a camera that just makes you “WANNA DANCE.”


This is one of my favorite pictures from quilt camp….on VALENTINE’S DAY…. doesn’t it look like they are forming a heart?  Yes, they weren’t really pole dancing – they were making a valentine!!!  

IMG_4446 IMG_4452

Love Delma’s homespun scarf….and she really knows how to model it too!


I won a Valentine Heart Panel at our Vegas night theme dinner…….YEAH…  can practice my hand quilting some more!




Isn’t this a wonderful seat pad?IMG_4502

Morning Coffee overlooking the sea is fantastic!

Morning Coffee overlooking the sea is fantastic!


 Thanks to Christy we got to enjoy a KEURIG Coffee Maker this year……. that was so nice!  I must admit that it took a little bit of training and I so appreciate my coffee team leader, Barbara, for making sure that I got my coffee made just right each morning!  🙂



Thank you Christy for sharing your Tern of the Century Beach “CASTLE” with us…….



SHOES SHOES SHOES SHOES……all the wonderful SHOES IN THE NEWS…..these are some of my favorite shoes from quilt camp!

IMG_4512 IMG_4513 IMG_4514


Aren’t these antique trading cards (from Christy to Judy’s grandangel) endearing….it brings back memories……



This was the big ticket shopping item at Quilt Camp this year……some people sell Girl Scout cookies and others sell TUTTOs!  🙂  i was impressed with all of the color choices….red, black, lime green, teal, purple……..eye candy for sure!




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    Hmmm…..your sewing camp is much like mine out in Washington state inasmuch as the bottles of wine go…..

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